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AB Brilliant review and evaluate your business in order to increase sales, improve the quality of the customer service experience as well as to reduce the loss of money due to waste. We use a unique method where the review and evaluation results in a detailed report with suggestions of improvements. The method used by AB Brilliant has its origin in America and has been further developed for the Scandinavian and European markets.

I am the one who knows this method and I have previously lived close to ten years in America where I worked with these evaluations. AB Brilliant is the only company in Sweden that knows this method and works with it.

With this method the evaluator from AB Brilliant acts as a regular customer and interact with the staff and observes what is being said between the evaluator and the staff. The evaluator also observes other relevant aspects of the operation. The evaluator also takes note of what works well and what can be improved. The owner/manager receives a detailed report about the business with suggestions for possible improvements.

Measurable result

Each evaluation and report generates a measurable result. What has emerged from the personal visit is being graded on a scale. The result will then be compared to a later evaluation or between different departments within a company. AB Brilliant provides suggestions of improvements for the business.